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Processing Performance Of Ferro Silicon Lump For Iron Casting

can be regarded as carbon steel matrix and flake graphite. The different gray irons organized according to the Matrix are divided into three types: ferrite matrix Gray cast iron, ferrite one pearlite matrix Gray iron and pearlite matrix Gray iron. The mechanical properties of gray iron are related to the microstructure of the Matrix and the morphology of graphite. The flake graphite in gray iron is very important to the matrix, and it is easy to cause stress concentration at the angle of graphite, so that the tensile strength, plasticity and toughness of gray iron are much lower than steel, but the compressive strength is similar to that of steel, and it is also the worst cast iron in common iron castings.ferro Silicon Lump for Iron Casting

At the same time, the Matrix microstructure has a certain influence on the mechanical properties of gray iron, the graphite sheet of ferrite matrix grey iron is coarse, the strength and the hardness are the lowest, so the application is less; the graphite flake of the pearlite Gray cast iron is small and has higher strength and hardness, which is mainly used to make Ferrite one pearlite matrix Gray cast iron is slightly thicker than pearlite gray cast iron, the performance is inferior to pearlite gray iron. Therefore, more industrial use is the pearlite matrix Gray cast iron.ferro Silicon Lump for Iron Casting Good casting performance, good damping, good wear resistance, good machinability, low notch sensitivity. Heat treatment of gray cast iron: eliminate internal stress annealing, improve machining annealing, surface quenching. The density of gray cast iron, ≥ht250 and ≤ht220, the density is 7.35g/cm³ and 7.2g/cm³.ferro Silicon Lump for Iron Casting

Cast iron is a very widely used material in mechanical industry. However, castings in production due to various reasons often produce casting defects, such as sand holes, shrinkage, dense pores, cracks, pinch, loose, meat and so on, and in the use of the process often occurs cracks, damage and other defects. Therefore, the welding of cast iron parts become very common, very important problem, do this work can save a lot of manpower, material and financial resources for the country, so the welding of castings has very important significance, but the gray cast iron parts welding is poor, such as improper workmanship, very easy to produce problems.ferro Silicon Lump for Iron Casting