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Related Process Of Ferro Silicon Alloy

    The Fe-Si alloy refers to 0. Siaming. 5% Ferroalloy, which is the replacement solid solution of silicon in iron and belongs to cubic crystal system. The saturation density is 1.6e 1.9T, iron Loss 1. In addition to the use of punching, often made of thin strips, winding into iron core. The structure (grain orientation arrangement) was obtained by cold rolling or heat treatment. Electric power industry used in motor, transformer and so on. Electronic industry is mainly used in power transformers, amplifier and so on.Ferro Silicon Alloy
    In the process of powder metallurgy, how to deal with the surface of the iron-silicon alloy powder can make the molding of the mechanical parts after the low-temperature sintering long-term placement and work will not rust? In the process of clear requirements do not paint, do not apply anti-rust oil. No immersion. Alloy in a certain proportion of chromium, but chromium plus less useless, add more will seriously affect other characteristics; I was trying to make the surface of the iron powder particles uniformly coated with a thin layer of oxide. And do not destroy the surface of the particles when pressed or demoulding, or it will fail. Tried a lot of chemical materials covered, brine in 24 hours after the boil is still rusty, powder inflatable body pressure is not the way.Ferro Silicon Alloy
    The Fe-Si alloy (Xflux) provides an economical high saturation (1.6T) solution for medium and low frequency inductors and chokes. High saturation is beneficial for the application of inductance in the load design, such as the use of new energy (solar/wind/hybrid Power) inverter, PFC Drive, and uninterruptible power ups. The United States magnetic has increased the size of the iron Xflux magnetic ring, including the outer diameter $number mm, $number mm, $number mm, as well as the five mm. For more information, please check the oversized magnetic powder core. View the characteristic curve of Fe-si alloy material, including magnetization curve, core loss density curve, permeability and temperature curve, permeability and DC offset curve, permeability and alternating flux curve, and permeability and frequency curve, etc.Ferro Silicon Alloy