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Silicon Lumps The Purpose Of The

Silicon Lumps Although with the development of recent years, now silicon manganese tablets in the market is widely used, and the user's understanding of silicon-manganese films has been deepening. In order to let users know more silicon manganese slice, let more people understand silicon manganese slice, will briefly introduce the use of silicon manganese tablets.

1, Silicon Lumps Silicon manganese tablets in the suppression of the quality and chemical composition of the specifications are within a certain range of standards, so that the effect of a uniform granularity, thus better reduce the steel-making all silicon manganese natural block breakage loss, and other resources waste.

2, Silicon Lumps silicon manganese chip melting speed is faster, division uniformity, so, effectively reduce the power consumption, has a very good deoxidation effect, shorten the deoxidation into the room, improve the efficiency of steelmaking, for his recovery is very high, people can make reuse, reduce labor intensity.

3, Silicon Lumps in the same conditions, the use of manganese or silicon alone, the rate of burn loss is 46% and 37%, and the use of silicon manganese dioxide, the two burn loss rate is 29%. Therefore, it has been widely used in the practice of steel, its production rate is faster than the average growth rate of ferroalloy, more than the growth rate of steel, the iron and steel industry is indispensable to become a composite deoxidizer and alloy additives. Silicon-manganese tablets containing carbon below 1.9% are also used in the production of intermediate and low-carbon ferromanganese and electro-silicon thermal method of metallic manganese. In Ferroalloy production enterprises, commonly used in practice of steel silicon Manganese film called commodity silicon Manganese tablets, the practice of low-carbon iron use of silicon manganese chips known as the use of silicon manganese tablets, metallurgy and practice of metal used silicon manganese chips called high silicon manganese tablets. Manganese can be composed of silica and MnSiO3, MnSiO, and MnSiO3. 

Silicon Lumps From the silicon manganese state can be seen, the most stable silica is MnSi. Because manganese silicide produces the negative value of free energy, it is far greater than the manganese carbide production free energy negative, the higher silicon content in the silicon manganese slice, the lower the carbon content.

Silicon Lumps Silicon manganese chips are mainly made of silica-manganese powder, convenient people to better processing and processing, silicon manganese tablets in the life of a very wide range, can meet people's needs, bring more benefits, low prices, for users to reduce the use of more costs, saving resources.