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Smelting Process Of High Carbon Ferro Silicon

In the process of smelting and heating of the burden, in charge of manganese and iron high price oxides in the burden zone by high-temperature decomposition or co reduction into low valence oxides, to 1373~1473k, high-priced manganese oxide is gradually fully reduced to MNO, all Feo further reduced to FE; MNO is stable and can only be directly reduced with carbon, Because the burden of SiO2 higher, MNO has not had time to restore the reaction combined with the low melting point of manganese silicate.High Carbon Ferro Silicon 

Manganese-silicon alloy materials are manganese ore, manganese-rich slag, coke, silica, dolomite (or lime) and so on. In order to produce manganese-silicon alloy in accordance with the standard requirements, and obtain good technical and economic indicators, all raw materials must meet certain quality requirements. The requirements of the raw materials and components of manganese-silicon alloy and the role in smelting are described below.High Carbon Ferro Silicon

Manganese ore and manganese-rich slag are the main raw materials to produce manganese-silicon alloy, is the main source of manganese in manganese-silicon alloy; compared with high carbon ferromanganese, the manganese-silicon alloy standard has lower iron content and phosphorus content, which requires manganese ore with higher manganese Tibi and MN-P ratio, but less ore, In production, it is generally used with partial enrichment of manganese slag to meet the requirements of these two ratios.High Carbon Ferro Silicon

The content of iron and phosphorus in the manganese ore in the furnace. In the smelting of manganese-silicon alloy, about 95% of the iron and 75% of the phosphorus into the alloy, and into the burden of iron and phosphorus to do most of the manganese ore, so the iron and phosphorus content in manganese ore directly affect the quality of manganese-silicon alloy. Because the use of single manganese ore is difficult to produce qualified products, the different components of manganese ore must be skillfully collocation, so that the mixed with manganese ore to meet the technical requirements of smelting manganese-silicon alloy.High Carbon Ferro Silicon