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Spray Forming Steelmaking Si-Al Alloy

            The preparation of Al-Si series alloy by spray forming technology can obviously refine the primary SI phase and microstructure, and obtain the alloy materials with low segregation, high density, low oxygen content and high performance. This paper mainly introduces the basic principle of spray forming technology and its application and research status in al-Si series alloy, analyzes the existing problems and puts forward the future development direction.Steelmaking Si-Al Alloy

            It is well known that al-Si alloy is widely used in automobile, aviation and electronic applications because of its good properties of light weight, high strength, good abrasion resistance and low thermal expansion coefficient, and its performance can be further improved with the increase of SI content [1-3]. However, the SI content of al-Si alloy which is difficult to be produced by conventional casting process is limited, because the increase of SI content under conventional casting conditions will lead to the coarsening of the primary SI phase, which can worsen the mechanical and machinability properties of the materials [4-5]. Through combining the rapid solidification (RS) technology with the Powder Metallurgy Technology (PM), we can solve the above problems to prepare the Hypereutectic al-Si alloy with good microstructure, but the technology is confronted with the problem that the powder is easy to be oxidized and the complex process cost is high.Steelmaking Si-Al Alloy

            Spray forming technology is an innovative rapid solidification technology which has matured since the 80 's. The SI content of al-Si series alloy prepared by spray forming technology can be more than 50%, and the size of the primary silicon in the tissue (SI content exceeds the eutectic point) is only below 50μm, and the properties of the alloy are uniformly distributed. Compared with the RS/PM process, the preparation process is shortened, the cost is reduced, and the oxygen content of the tissue is also decreased obviously. At home and abroad, a large number of spray forming process development and industrialization work. In this paper, the basic principle of spray forming technology and its application in high al-Si series alloys are reviewed.Steelmaking Si-Al Alloy