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Steelmaking Silicon Manganese The Main Raw Material

Steelmaking Silicon Manganese In fact, the main raw materials of silicon manganese steel is silicon-manganese alloy, the use of silicon manganese steel powder is very wide, users after a period of understanding, for steelmaking silicon manganese powder also has a certain understanding, but the silicon manganese alloy is how to smelting does not understand, in order to help the general user more comprehensive understanding of silicon manganese steel powder, will simply introduce smelting silicon-manganese alloy furnace conditions. Smelting silicon manganese alloy, the furnace condition is very difficult to grasp, so in the operation must be careful, correct judgement of the furnace condition, and timely processing.

Steelmaking Silicon Manganese The normal furnace condition is the mark of the electrode insertion depth suitable, the furnace charge sinks evenly, the stove mouth is angry, the composition is stable and the technical and economical indexes are good. The accurate proportioning ratio is the key to ensure the normal furnace condition. The main problem in proportioning ratio is the distribution of carbon. When there is too much reduction in the charge, charge enhancement of conductivity, the current rising electrode, the crucible to shrink, the defects of the phenomenon of fire collapse, the appearance of the furnace mouth and the reduction agent when the same too many, because there are too many reductant in the burden, silicon dioxide reduction in the alloy is more so high.

Steelmaking Silicon Manganese If the excess amount of reducing agent is too large, the electrode is very serious, the bottom temperature is low, the silicon content in the alloy decreases.

Steelmaking Silicon Manganese When the burden of reducing agent is insufficient, the electrode inserts deep, the furnace mouth flame is low, the hair is dark, because the reducer is insufficient, the slag in the silica is high, the slag sends the adhesion, the iron slag is not cent, the silicon low carbon high in the alloy. The amount of carbon is calculated according to the formula, but it is necessary to consider some actual situation in the furnace. For example, slag alkalinity large slag dilute, out of the iron with more raw materials, the amount of ingredients can be larger, and the old out of the iron mouth furnace eyes large, iron away from Coke, the amount of carbon will be larger. The alkalinity of slag has great influence on the smelting of silicon-manganese alloys. Alkali through the high, the temperature of the slag dropped greatly, the furnace temperature is not high, coupled with the CAO and SiO2 into silicate, these all make SiO2 to restore difficulties, alloy silicon content does not go.

Steelmaking Silicon Manganese In addition, alkali through the high, slag too dilute, out of iron when the raw materials, the iron mouth is also easy to burn, the stove eye is also bad plugging, so the alkalinity is too high is not good. Alkalinity is too low, slag sticky, slag discharge difficulties, slag removal is not thorough, easy to cause the slag, the alkalinity is too low, the resistance is large, the electric conductivity of the slag greatly decreased, often give dissatisfaction load, the furnace temperature is low, the melting pot shrink, slow production rate, low. Due to the low temperature and slag sticky, SiO2 restoration is difficult, the alloy silicon low carbon high, slag running manganese.

Steelmaking Silicon Manganese In the production of slag, slag and the fluidity of the slag to determine the alkalinity, normal smelting, each furnace slag and iron volume in a certain range fluctuations. If the slag too much, less iron, indicating the high alkalinity; if the slag is less, the flow does not come out, the iron mouth hanging slag, indicating the low alkalinity. Slag fluidity and alkalinity are directly related, slag dilute, alkalinity is high, slag viscosity, alkalinity is low.