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Technical Parameters Of Ferro Silicon Alloy

The choice of carbonaceous reducing agent and silica has a great impact on power consumption and yield. Sometimes the quality and power consumption are contradictory, to balance the gains and losses, such as multi-purpose or all with petroleum coke, the quality of progress, but the power consumption will increase significantly; use of bituminous coal or charcoal, power consumption is reduced, but the quality is affected. The use of the method of refining silicon outside the furnace to ensure the quality of the conditions with some bituminous coal and other high resistivity reducing agent, can reduce power consumption. The choice of high-quality silica is also very important, can not just look at the chemical composition of silica, but also depends on smelting properties, such as thermal stability, reductive and other indicators.Ferro Silicon Alloy

Carefully designed electric furnace parameters. Improper selection of furnace parameters, such as voltage selection is too high will increase power consumption. Design of the furnace size must be considered the production of silicon metal is a graphite electrode, should not be based on the calculation of the diameter of the graphite electrode basis, but should be calculated according to the diameter of the furnace diameter furnace. According to a factory experience, 1800kVA three-phase electric furnace secondary voltage selection 84V, the ideal circle 1150mm as well. The use of furnace rotary electric furnace production. Research successful two-stage rotating furnace, can prevent the charge crust to make it automatically sink. A 9000kVA furnace test results power consumption decreased by 10% -14%.Ferro Silicon Alloy

Agglomerate charge. Silica and reducer made of agglomerates in the heavy oil or gas heating furnace pre-reduction into the furnace, the product unit power consumption below 9000kWh. The use of semi-enclosed electric furnace to recover the heat of flue gas. The use of refined silicon technology outside the furnace to improve product quality, so that the rest of the remaining small particles of metal silicon reflow remelting use, to achieve the purpose of reducing production to reduce power consumption. Carefully manipulated. Including the correct weighing of ingredients, to grasp the use of carbon, the timely feeding is not empty burning, ramming deep and Wei, so that the electrode deep inserted plug, there is a good furnace conditions, to achieve high quality, low consumption,Ferro Silicon Alloy