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What Is The Application Range Of Phosphorus Iron Powder

In view of the lack of understanding of phosphorus iron powder, the development progress of phosphorus iron powder is also limited.

As the phosphorus iron powder manufacturers, in order to change such a situation, let more people know the phosphate-solubilizing iron powder, further promote the development of the phosphorus iron powder, iron powder for phosphorus application scope were introduced simply.

Phosphorus iron powder, widely used in automobile, container, ship, steel structure production, conductive paint, heavy anti-corrosion rich zinc paint.

It is the coating industry that reduces the cost (30% to 40% of the price lower than the zinc powder).

1, coating: used in heavy-duty coating epoxy zinc-rich paint used with zinc dust, can effectively enhance the anti-corrosion performance of epoxy zinc rich primer, reduce the production cost of epoxy zinc-rich primer.

Experiments show that the epoxy zinc rich primer coating of zinc in the sediment of corrosion products made from steel base material of contact between the metal zinc powder cannot effectively, also cannot play an effective electrochemical protection.

If in the epoxy zinc rich primer according to 25% of the thick liquid quality to join the stability of the conductive epoxy paint phosphorus iron powder, can make the film in the formation of a conductive path, improve the efficiency of the cathodic protection, and can greatly reduce the production cost.

2. Solderable coating: the coating with single or multi-layer pigment can be used for the welding property. It can be used for the application of pre-construction stratum coatings, adhesives, sealants and coil coatings.

3. Conductive coating: the coating has conductivity and thermal conductivity.

4, radio frequency interference and electromagnetic interference shielding layer: as a kind of high cost efficiency, can be in resistance to electromagnetic interference and radio-frequency interference partly replace substitute for nickel or copper shield paint pigment (alternative amplitude meter could reach 30% by weight).

5. Phosphorous iron powder can reduce the sintering temperature and increase the pressure and the wet strength of the nonsintered powder.

I hope that you can pass the introduction of the above information, the application scope of the phosphorus powder.

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