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Yield Limit Of Casting Ferro Manganese

             Gray iron does not yield strength, generally with tensile strength, different grades of gray cast iron tensile strength is different, Ht100 their tensile strength is different.Casting Ferro Manganese

             According to the chemical composition: (1) Ordinary cast iron is not containing any alloying elements of cast iron, such as gray iron, malleable iron, ductile iron and so on. (2) Alloy cast iron is a kind of high-grade cast iron which is added to the ordinary cast iron in order to improve some special characteristics. such as various corrosion-resistant, heat-resistant, wear-resistant particularity can cast iron.Casting Ferro Manganese

             According to production methods and organizational performance: (1) ordinary gray iron See "gray iron". (2) Inoculation of cast iron This is on the basis of gray cast iron, using "metamorphic treatment" and become, also known as metamorphic cast iron. Its strength, plasticity and toughness are much better than ordinary gray iron, and the microstructure is even. It is mainly used for manufacturing the large castings with higher mechanical properties and larger section size. (3) Malleable cast iron is a certain component of white cast iron annealed by graphitization, than Gray iron has a higher toughness, also known as ductile iron. It can not be forged and is often used to produce castings bearing impact loads. (4) Nodular cast iron ductile iron. It is obtained by adding a certain amount of pellets and toners to the molten iron to promote the crystallization of spherical graphite. Compared with steel, besides plasticity, toughness is slightly lower, other properties are close, is both steel and cast iron advantages of excellent materials, widely used in mechanical engineering. (5) Special can cast iron This is a kind of cast iron with certain characteristics, according to the different uses, can be divided into wear-resistant cast iron, heat-resistant cast iron, corrosion-resistant cast iron and so on. Most of them belong to alloy cast iron, which is widely used in mechanical manufacture.Casting Ferro Manganese